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Purgatory Chasm. The Sutton Forest.
Lake Singletary and Manchaug Pond. The Blackstone River.
Come see what Sutton has to offer! is personally run by Lisa Shea, who has been a Sutton resident for over twenty years. She initially created this site to hold research on Sutton's genealogy and history - two of her passions. She added in thousands of photos. Over time the site has expanded to include over 10,000 pages and photos exploring the beauty which is Sutton.

This site has also had a blog since 2005. Below is the latest post; click through to read past entries.

Tricentennial Park and Singing Falls on the Blackstone River - 7/28/2021 12:14:24 AM

In this video, I showcase the beauty of the Tricentennial Park, located at the Singing Falls on the Blackstone River. This park is in Sutton Massachusetts. To find it with a GPS, look for 72 Blackstone Street, Sutton MA.

I've been taking photos and videos of the Singing Falls for many, many years. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, when I visited this time, on July 27, 2021, it was in poor maintenance. The walk down to the downstream side of the Blackstone River had debris on it. The path by the picnic area was overgrown.

There is an informational sign about the Blackstone River. That sign used to overlook the Blackstone River so you could look at the river while you read the information about the river and canal. Now the overgrowth is so bad you can't even see the river while you are reading the sign.

I think some maintenance needs to be done here

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Purgatory Chasm

Purgatory Chasm

Make sure you wear hiking shoes if you're heading into the chasm! This glacial cleft can reach depths of over 80 feet and has jagged rocks. Be safe!

Purgatory Chasm Photos

Singletary Lake

Singletary Lake

Singletary Lake is shared by Sutton and Millbury. The lovely lake provides a town beach, a public boat ramp, and stunning beauty. Perfect for kayaks and canoes.

Singletary Lake Photos

Manchaug Pond

Manchaug Pond

Manchaug is smaller than Singletary. It hosts several campgrounds, plus a public boat ramp means wonderful access.

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Blackstone River

Blackstone River

The Blackstone River provided power for our mills. Be sure to visit Tricentennial Park and the Singing Falls.

Blackstone River Photos

Lakes, Rivers, and Forests

Whether you like to kayak or hike, golf or birdwatch, come on by!

Lake Singletary
330 acres of water-based fun. Sutton also has a town beach on the lake.

Manchaug Pond
A beautiful 344 acres including several campgrounds and a public boat ramp.

Blackstone River
Stretches from Worcester down through Providence

Purgatory Chasm
A stunning landscape carved out by glaciers, and featured in The Sea of Trees.

Sutton Forest
Twisting nature trails enjoyed by birders and mountain bikers alike.

Merril Pond
This state reservation was once part of a fish hatchery program.

Blackstone Valley National
Beautiful golf course with a patio restaurant

Pleasant Valley Golf
Private; was once a stop on the PGA and LPGA tours.

Green Living
Whatever you choose to do in Sutton, keep it green! We are a Tree City!