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This website was begun on December 3, 2001 as a personal project by Sutton town resident Lisa Shea. Lisa is active in genealogy and had been documenting all of the cemeteries and churches in Sutton. Lisa had posted information online about Sutton since 1995. She set up the website as a way to organize that information and to take genealogy queries.

Soon the Sutton Historical Museum was documented on the site. As the official Town of Sutton was not active on the web in these days, Lisa began to take in queries about the Purgatory Chasm, Town Dump (now a transfer station), and other town related topics. The site quickly grew and blossomed.

Over time the site has grown to include over 10,000 pages, photos, and videos. There are descriptions of the wildlife found in Sutton, foliage photos, descriptions of tornadoes and hurricanes, and explorations of Purgatory Chasm and the Sutton Forest.

Please feel free to Contact Lisa if you have any questions!

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