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Browser Usage on SuttonMass Website

The website has been around since 2001 so sometimes it's amazing to me just how much the web has changed in that time period. For one thing, the way browser usage has changed from PC-based to mobile-based is staggering!

Back when this site began, people went to the web from their desk. It's just what they did. Sure, a lucky few might have laptops, but even those were fairly bulky.

I ran a report in June 2013 to see what browsers people were now using on this website. Here is what I found -

Browser Usage on SuttonMass Website

So more than a quarter of all users are accessing this site either from an iPhone, iPad, mobile phone, or other similar device. That's just staggering!

Is it because we have so many bug and leaf and nature-based photos on the site? Are people out hiking, coming across a bug or butterfly, and wanting to learn what it is? Or are people just using their tablets for all their web surfing, from genealogy to planning trips to Purgatory?

By 2018 the site was over half accessed by mobile devices.

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