Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts

Heartsafe Sutton MA Sutton, Massachusetts is a designated Heartsafe community. This designation must be renewed every three years. It means that Sutton has numerous individuals trained in CPR, offers CPR training, and has equipment ready to help any person who is experiencing a heart attack or other heart issues.

Heartsafe's requirements are done on a population basis. The town of Sutton falls into their 5,001 - 30,000 resident category. This means we have to earn 50 "heartbeats" to qualify as a Heartsafe community.

A mandatory requirement - Every EMS / First Response vehicle must have an automated external defibrillators (AED) installed, and trained personel. That earns Sutton 10 heartbeats.

A second mandatory requirement - an ongoing process must exist to review and improve healthcare in the town. This earns Sutton 10 heartbeats.

That leaves us 30 heartbeats to go.

Sutton gets 20 heartbeats for having a permanent AED in a public location, with trained personnel nearby. I would guess we have one in the Sutton Senior Center, I'll check into that.

Sutton gets 5 heartbeats for every course that is run with at least 6 participants.

Sutton also gets 10 heartbeats for promising that trained paramedics will be sent to respond to any priority medical emergencies.

Living in Sutton is good for your heart health!

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