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Sutton Massachusetts

Tree City USA Sutton MA Sutton, Massachusetts is a designated Tree City USA community. This designation must be renewed every year. As of 2010, we had been a Tree City for nine years.

Being a Tree City USA community means that Sutton has marked certain trees - with shiny metal tags - so they are not to be cut down. They are old growth trees which we want to preserve. We have a tree board, tree care ordinances, and a forestry budget.

So, to be more specific, Sutton has to meet these four criteria, set up by the Arbor Day Foundation:

We must have:

1. A Tree Board or Department

2. A Tree Care Ordinance

3. A Community Forestry Program With an Annual Budget of at Least $2 Per Capita

4. An Arbor Day Observance and Proclamation

Arbor Day is a holiday held each April 30th to promote tree planting and care.

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