Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a heavily Democratic state, but Sutton tends to be quite independently minded. For example in 2008 when almost the entire state of Massachusetts voted for Obama, Sutton was one of the only towns which voted for McCain.

Here are the election results for Sutton Massachusetts, organized by the year of the election.

2010 Election Results
We repealed the alcohol sales tax, but voted not to reduce the overall sales tax.

2008 Election Results
The dog racing ban succeeded this year. Marijuana was decriminalized for small amounts (a fine, no jail time). An attempt to completely repeal the income tax was defeated.

2006 Election Results
Wine sales in food stores was defeated.

2004 Election Results
Worcester county wholeheartedly endored allowing marijuana use for medical reasons, in a non-binding ballot.

2002 Election Results
Romney came in as governor.

2000 Election Results
A dog racing ban failed. Voters DID vote to reduce state income tax from from 5.95% to 5%. However, the Mass legislature then ignored those results.

18th worcester district
18th Worcester District as of 2010

Sutton State Rep and Senator in Boston MA
Sutton Federal Rep and Senators in Washington DC