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Sutton, Massachusetts is a lovely rural town. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Sutton!

"I was wondering what towns in mass are considered in the country. Im not from around and would love to live in the country."
This is an impossible question to answer! If someone was living in a high rise apartment in Boston, just about anywhere in the entire state of Massachusetts would seem to be "country" to them. Anywhere that you could see grass and trees would be a real treat. However, if someone lived in the remote corner of the Berkshires, then they would be hard pressed to count anything east of Worcester as "country". They would be looking for dirt roads and the ability to stand in a spot and not see any sign of humanity.

You could easily say that nowhere in Massachusetts is "country" because we are on the east coast which is very populated. Many people in the US would say that real country is when you're in the corn fields of Kansas and able to stand in the center of a field and not see, hear or sense humanity anywhere around you. That would be country. Then there are people who would say that you are standing in a man-grown field there and therefore that isn't country. That you'd have to go out to Colorado in the middle of the mountains where there is nothing at all man-made - including fields - before you're in real country land.

What does country mean to you? Probably something different than it means to person X or person Y. We all have very unique views of what "country" means.

Yes, Sutton has grass. We have trees! We have cow farms and horse farms. However, we also have a giant highway running down our center, we have a McDonalds going in shortly, we have a giant mall just one town over. We have two golf courses. To many people that is hardly "country". That is very commercial and populated.

Only you can decide what you feel "country" means to you and if a given town meets your criteria!

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