Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts Geography

Sutton, Massachusetts is located in south central Massachusetts. The landscape is primarily rolling hills. There are many pine trees, as well as oak trees and maple trees. It is at latitude 42.14 and longitude -71.70.

Our nearest airport, Worcester Airport, has an airnav identifier of KORH. It is 3 miles west of Worcester, and is at an elevation of 1,009 feet. How does that compare with Sutton?

Looking at Google Maps, Sutton appears to be primarily within the 400 foot to 600 foot range of elevation. The Purgatory Chasm area gets up around 700 feet near the tops of the hills there. There are a few higher spots - for example near Putnam Hill Road as it heads south from Central Turnpike it reaches 1,000 feet.

So if you're setting up a weather station, you can look at Google Maps to determine exactly where between that range you fall. 500 feet would be a good guesstimate if you're relatively low, or 700 feet would be a good guess if you're higher up on a hill..

To determine your relative air pressure, to set up a weather station, first set the weather station for standard "sea level" (0 feet elevation) value which is 1 atm = 29.92 in Hg (inches of mercury). This gives it a base reading. Find out what it reports your current barometer reading at. This will give you a starting value. For example, in December 2009 at 700 feet (213.36 meters) our station gave us a reading of 29.90.

Now for corrections.

For the latitude of 42.14 (which does make a difference to pressure!) you need to adjust by -0.0093 inches of mercury.

If the temperature is 41F / barometer 29.90, this creates a correction value of 0.0351 inches of mercury.

If the altitude is 700 feet (213.36 meters) / barometer 29.90 this creates a correction value of -0.1097 inches of mercury.

What does this all add up to? The calculated total according to Barometric Calculator is -0.75 (rounded) inches of mercury. So 29.15 inches of mercury.

This takes into account that Sutton is higher up from sea level (so there is less air "above us" to press down on us). It also takes into account that Sutton is not at the equator, so there is a tiny less amount of air above us because apparently air does not cover the globe universally and is a little thinner as you get towards the top end. The temperature of course is going to change daily, so that change is one you can set to averages for the season you're in, or you can just accept that it'll be a little off at the hottest and coldest days of the year. You could set it for a "cold temperature" in the winter, then set it again for a "warm temperature" in the summer to get it the closest to accurate as possible.

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