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Year - 2010

It will be impossible for me to keep up with this schedule every week, but I'll try to post updates whenever I can.

This is a list of house / property sale prices in Sutton. I keep it for historical purposes, so people looking for a history of home sales in Sutton can see how the trends have been going. It's interesting to see how house sale prices change over the years, and ebb and flow with the seasons!

House sale and land sale entries are listed by the week ending, and sorted within that by price. I hand entered these manually, so I might be missing weeks occasionally, and I apologize for any typos!

Nov 28, 2010
$285k - 39 W Sutton Rd
$255k - 62 Leland Hill Rd
$50k - 46 Heritage Rd
$6k - 81 Singletary Ave

Nov 7, 2010
$220k - 381 W Sutton Rd

Oct 24, 2010
$468k - 49 Jenna Ln
$425k - 11 Hathaway Dr

Oct 3, 2010
$400k - 38 Jenna Ln

Aug 19, 2010
$170k - 8 Whitins Road Unit A
$55k - 81 Central Turnpike

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