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Sutton, Massachusetts is a rural town located in south central Massachusetts. It is about 15 minutes south from Worcester, straight down Route 146. It is about 1 hour west of Boston, straight on the Mass Pike. Sutton is peaceful and quiet, with dairy farms, horse farms, and a gazebo on our town green. It's about 34 square miles in size.

Sutton, Massachusetts has only around 5600 adults spread out across its large acreage. The town is made up of the following villages -

Manchaug - western Sutton
Manchaug has a mill shopping area as well as a lovely waterfall.

South Sutton
South Sutton is mostly residential, and does have the senior center.

Sutton Center
As you might imagine, Sutton Center has the town green, the town hall, police department, and a large church.

West Sutton
West Sutton is very rural, with horse farms and rolling hills.

Wilkinsonville - northern Sutton
Wilkinsonville has a small shop area as well as a fire station.

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