Sutton Massachusetts

Moving to Sutton Mass

Sutton, Massachusetts is a very quiet, rural town. We have cow farms, horse farms, and even a few dirt roads. We are not a location that has apartment buildings or fast food restaurants. Generally if you're looking to move to Sutton, you're looking to buy a house here and set down roots for decades. Even then, you'd still be a "newcomer" to many of the Suttonians who have been here for generations :)

There's no "good part" of Sutton, or to put it another way, there's no "bad part" of Sutton. We're rural. We have deer wandering across the road. The worst you could get is to be near Route 146 and hear the traffic noise. Then again, for some people they want to be near 146 to have easy access to the highway. So it's all relative.

Sutton Companies
If you're looking for Sutton companies to find a realtor, or to set up insurance, trash removal, or other services, look through my Sutton Company Listing. That can set you started on what your local options are.

Sutton is too small to have its own Chamber of Commerce. We are part of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce, which is a regional group that covers a wide area. Many businesses in Sutton do not belong because of the fees involved. Still, it's interesting to look - Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce

I have thousands of pages online about Sutton - read through them to learn more about this delightful, quiet town!

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