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Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton, Massachusetts is located in south central Massachusetts. We are about an hour from the ocean. We have plenty of water in town, though! Here are the lakes, rivers, and ponds of Sutton.

Sutton MA Water Map The Blackstone River runs through the northeast corner of Sutton and soon will have a bike path running alongside it. We have Lake Singletary, a large lake which features several campgrounds and numerous houses around its edges. Lake Singletary has the Sutton Town Beach. We also have a number of ponds including Manchaug Pond and Merrill Pond.

Here is more information about the various ponds, lakes, and the river found in Sutton!

Blackstone River (1)
Manchaug Falls (3)

Lakes and Ponds
Lake Singletary (8)
... Marion's Camp Town Beach (8)
Manchaug Pond (5)
Stevens Pond (4)
Merrill Pond State Reservation (6)
Ramshorn Pond (7)

Nearby Bodies of Water
Carpenter Reservoir (2) - Whitinsville / Northbridge

Note that according to Massachusetts regulations there is no difference between a lake and a pond. These are just local names given by residents. Any body of water is a "pond" up to 10 acres in surface size, and becomes a "great pond" once it gets over 10 acres. All bodies of water on this map are great ponds. In size, Manchaug Pond is the largest by a few acres.

Staying Fit in Sutton MA
The Villages of Sutton