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Blackstone River
Sutton Massachusetts

The Blackstone River is formed in Worcester, Massachusetts. It is created where the Mill Brook and Middle River merge into one large waterway which moves southwards. Eventually the Blackstone River heads into Rhode Island and merges into the Seekonk River. This then escapes into the Narragansett Bay.

The Blackstone River used to power many mills, and there was even a canal located alongside it. Both the mills and the canal are now gone, but the river remains. Several clean-up efforts have been underway to allow boating and swimming in the River. Technically you can boat in the river right now, but not fish or swim.

In Sutton, the Blackstone River only "nicks" the northeastern corner of our town as it heads from Millbury into Grafton.

Blackstone River Sutton MA

In this close-up, the rectangle shows the portion of the Blackstone River that is within Sutton's town limits. The location of the waterfall is at the green dot. This is on Blackstone Street. The left hand edge of the map is the Millbury border.

Blackstone River Sutton MA

At the waterfall location of the Blackstone River, you can enjoy the view and have a picnic at the Sutton Tricentennial Park.

The Blackstone Valley Bike Path will be going right along the river here, using the old tow path. In this next photo, I was standing on the bridge over the waterfall. The bike path will be going along the right hand side (north side) of the river here.

Blackstone River Sutton MA

Here is a ten minute meditative video of the waterfall at this segment of the Blackstone River!

That video is at the location now occupied by the Sutton Tricentennial Park.

Here's a video I did on March 13, 2013, again about ten minutes. This one is in High Definition.

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