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Carpenter Reservoir Northbridge MA
Carpenter Reservoir Northbridge MA Map Carpenter Reservoir in Northbridge MA is a pond bisected by a road, so there is a northern and southern half. In this photo, the Carpenter Reservoir is to the far right. Carpenter's southernmost edge rests against the town of Whitinsville. The water then flows down into the Whitins Pond in Whitinsville MA which you can kayak on.

While technically the Carpenter Reservoir is not in Sutton, if the town of Sutton had straight sides to its town shape, we would own the Carpenter Reservoir :) Northbridge only gets this lovely pond because their town "pokes in" to ours. So I felt it worth writing up this lake.

The pond is bisected by Carpenter Road which goes right across it in a single lane, rickety manner. The main place where you used to put boats into the reservoir is on the north side of the road, on the west side of the pond. Large boulders now prevent access to this area.

Here is the main put in spot by the parking lot (now blocked off). You can see the aging road to the right side of this photo.

Carpenter Reservoir Northbridge MA

Here's the sign that was posted by the small parking area up until April 2012.

Carpenter Reservoir Northbridge MA

The Whitinsville Water Company has now removed the sign and blocked off the parking lot. There is no longer off-street parking for this water area. Their new stated policy is: "We have the same policy for Carpenter Reservoir as Meadow Pond. We allow non-motorized boats on the reservoir for passive recreation. There are no public access areas. We believe that people may use private property to access the reservoir."

So, to reiterate, if you want to enter this water area you need to know a resident who lives on it. The roadway is very narrow on either side of the pond and I wouldn't recommend trying to park there, lest your car get sideswiped.

The image below was taken right after Hurricane Irene in 2011, when the water was right up to the edge of the road. This photo was taken from the eastern side of the pond, looking towards the kayak spot. In the image the main kayak put-in spot is on the far side of the pond, to the right of the road.

Carpenter Reservoir Northbridge MA

The next photo is from the end of September, 2003, while I was doing foliage photos.

Carpenter Reservoir Northbridge MA

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The southern half of the Carpenter Reservoir. This half has the dam / waterfall, and seems to have more fish.
Carpenter Reservoir kayaking April 21, 2012
This was our final trip on the Carpenter Reservoir, on the northern half. After this, it became no tresspassing.

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