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Kayak Trip on Manchaug Pond Sutton MA

This was trip #21 for my Venus 11 Kayak, meaning it is finally a full adult! On the other hand it just turned 1 year old on September 6, 2012, and it is now September 9, 2012, so it is barely a year old :) Ah, the life of a kayak.

This trip was notable because it was the first time Bob tried out the pedal system of his new (to him) 2010 Hobie Revolution kayak. So he was zipping all around in his Hobie while I valiantly paddled after him. He also tested out towing me, which was great fun (for me) :).

It was a gorgeous, lovely day on Manchaug Pond. What's funny is we showed up at 2:11pm at the boat ramp and there was a line of 7 cars trying to get their boats OUT of the water. So it was a big traffic jam. When we came back to the boat ramp at 3:47pm it was completely deserted. So it's all about timing!

There are 149 photos in this set, and a video too! We saw comerants, geese, ducks, fish, seagulls, and dragonflies.

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The pictures on the topic of Kayak Trip on Manchaug Pond, Sutton MA for this slideshow were all taken by Lisa Shea.

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