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Marion's Camp Sutton MA

Lake Singletary is a lake divided. The Sutton town line slices right across its middle. The southern half belongs to Sutton, while the northern half - including the boat ramp area - is in Millbury. The only public location Sutton residents can go to enjoy Lake Singletary is at Marion's Camp. The rest of the shoreline is privately owned. I have double checked with the Millbury Town Hall and there is definitely NO fee to use the boat ramp. So this is a great way for kayakers and canoers to get their boats into the water.

Many years ago, the private group of Marion's Camp was bought by the town of Sutton, MA so that this area on the southern edge of Lake Singletary could be used by the residents of Sutton for "all time".

Technically by Massachusetts law this body of water is a "great pond" - Massachusetts only calls these bodies of water ponds or great ponds. A pond becomes a great pond if it's over 10 acres in surface area. Lake Singletary is 330 acres in size, making it the second largest body of water in Sutton behind Manchaug Pond.

Marion's Camp Sutton MA

A closer look at the location. Note that the "line" on this map is not the town line - it's just a satellite feed line based on where the satellite happened to do its sweep.

Marion's Camp Sutton MA

Here's a look at the beack from out on a kayak in the middle of Lake Singletary. It's fairly small, but it is sandy and is a place to swim when it's hot out.

Lake Singletary Sutton MA

Here's the full slideshow from that day kayaking Lake Singletary -

Lake Singletary Photos

Here are some photos of the beach area before and after the substantial renovation done in the fall of 2010.

August 2010 Marion's Camp photos

October 2010 Marion's Camp photos

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Lake Singletary

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