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Ramshorn Pond

Ramshorn Pond Ramshorn Pond is mostly in Millbury, but the southern portion of its borders is located in Sutton. It is the third smallest pond in Sutton, behind Manchaug Pond and Lake Singletary.

There is no public boat ramp on Ramshorn Pond - you have to become friends with a resident in order to explore this lovely location! Thank you so much to our friends Paul and Anne who live on Ramshorn pond and allowed us to visit and take photos.

Ramshorn Pond is apparently a "flowed" great pond and not a "natural" great pond. I think this is because they have the dam and they artifically raise and lower the levels based on their needs. It's 110 acres in size and reaches a maximum depth of 30 feet.

Ramshorn Pond is partially created by the Ramshorn Pond Dam - a full 560 feet in length. The residents use the dam in the winter to lower the pond's levels.

Here's a photo I took in 2011 from Paul's boat.

Photos of Ramshorn Pond
Ramshorn Pond Photos - August 2011
Ramshorn Pond Foliage Photos - Sept 2011

In the 1720s, Ramshorn Pond was the site of a skirmish between Sutton Residents and the Native Americans:
An Exchange with the Indians - 1720s

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Ramshorn Pond

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