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Kayaking Singletary Lake Sutton MA photo I love Lake Singletary in Sutton Massachusetts. It has a small but easy to use boat ramp on the Millbury side which is completely free. It's a large enough lake to keep you busy for a while. There are often ducks and other birds out to look at.

This trip was on June 19, 2013 - our very first trip of 2013. Yes, we didn't get out until June this year! Bob was having issues with his previous kayak and wanted to get a new one - and that process took quite a while. Finally he did select his new kayak - a Hobie Quest - and this was our first trip out with it. I was still on my Venus 11 I'd gotten in 2011.

The boat dock was closed to motorboats on our trip - the water levels were too high to safely back a car or truck up to the ramp. We'd had a lot of rains this year, which was part of why it took us so long to start getting out.

It was trip #27 for me overall on my Venus 11.

Here are the photos!

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The pictures on the topic of Kayaking Singletary Lake Sutton MA for this slideshow were all taken by Lisa Shea.

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