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Stevens Pond is the fourth largest pond in Sutton, behind Manchaug, Singletary, and Ramshorn. Stevens Pond is entirely private, meaning you have to know a person who lives on the pond in order to explore it. We are lucky that our friends Paul and Anne have a friend, Barbara, who lives on the pond. Thank you so much to Paul, Anne, and Barabara for helping us to explore this beautiful location!

It appears that Stevens Pond was a man made pond! According to the History of the Town of Sutton, written back in 1876:

In 1864 a large granite dam and roll-way were built nearly opposite what is now the number three mill. Mr. Ivory Stevens supervised the construction of this dam, and this pond took the name of Stevens' pond, retaining it to this day. It covers in the aggregate about one hundred acres, having been raised several times since the dam was originally built.

The amount of the property overflowed by the Stevens pond, so called, and the names of the owners, are as follows:

John Parker, 2 1-2 acres
Ezra Jones, 4 "
Aaron Stockwell, 6 1-2 "
E. E. Hall, 6 "
J. Marsh, 8 "
Wm. Walker, 6 "
Obed Morse, 14 1-2 "
Manchaug Co., 7 "
Leander Putnam, 4 "
Ira Darling, 1 "
Reuben White, 1-2 "
William Abbott, 1 "
Elijah Bigelow, 30 "
--- Tourtellott, 6 "

Very cool that we have that history!

For an entire set of over 80 photos of Stevens Pond, click on the below photo to take a look at this slideshow I created from a kayak in 2011 -

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