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Massachusetts has a bottle deposit law, meaning that you already paid money IN to the state when you purchased your soda or beer. It therefore makes sense for you to get your money BACK from the state when you are done using the bottles and cans!

If you buy beer bottles, bring those back to the Sutton Wine Shop. They will credit you for the beer bottles and cans, so you can buy more beer! A perfect solution.

For soda, the WalMart in Whitinsville has an easy to use automated system. Just sit there feeding the cans or bottles into the machines and out pops a deposit ticket. Bring that to the customer service desk, or if you're buying something, just hand it to the cashier. Either way works well.

The only thing to remember is that the store you return the items to has to sell those items. I.e. the WalMart doesn't sell beer, so you can't bring your beer cans to the WalMart to get reimbursed for them. You'll see in this image the five silver cans someone left behind on top of one of the machines. It appears that someone had an odd soda brand they tried to return at the WalMart. The machine rejected them as being foreign objects. So make sure you at least bring beer back to the Sutton Wine Shop. Soda should do fine at the WalMart.

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