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Sutton Massachusetts

Pratt Trucking is relatively new to Sutton but services thousands of homes in the Webster area. They have been around for 75 years. As of 2010 their rates were $79 per quarter for weekly and $59 per quarter for every other week. That includes a 100 gallon trash receptacle. For $2/month you can add on one-bin recycling. They have no extra charges for fuel or administration or anything else. They have an auto bill pay option, and seniors get a $1/month discount. For a fee they will also take away furniture and other larger items.

I do not use Pratt Trucking - I use their competitor, BFI. So I don't have any direct knowledge of Pratt Trucking's services. However, I have called Pratt Trucking and asked them to send their recycling information to me, so I can post it here for you to compare! I will post the details as soon as I get them.

Here are their details:

Pratt Trucking
PO Box 795
Webster MA 01570
Pratt Trucking Website

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