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Sutton Massachusetts

The Sutton Transfer Station is run by the town of Sutton and is located on top of the old Sutton Dump. For details about the Sutton Transfer Station hours and location, visit the Sutton Transfer Station Page.

What the Transfer Station Recycles

From the Transfer Station website:

Paper and Cardboard Products: Clean newspaper, in serts, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, paper, corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags. No holiday wrap.

Containers: Glass bottles, jars, aluminum, tin, steels, cans & lids. All plastic containers with the recycling symbol.

Scrap Metal and White Goods: Scrap metal & white goods can be disposed of with a special permit fee.

Composting: The composting area is available for disposal of leaves and grass clippings only. A designated area is set aside for Christmas trees from December 26th through January 31st during normal business hours.

Fluorescent bulbs can be disposed of at the transfer station.

Cans and bottles are recycled at the Transfer Station with all proceeds going to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

In 2008, the Sutton Transfer Station handled 547 tons of trash. In 2009, that decreased to 544 tons of trash.

While the trash volume decreased, the recycling volume increased. Here are the stats, in tons:

Type          2008        2009
---------     ------      ------
cardboard     107         113
paper         147         192
metals         60          60
glass          36          47
tin            16          16

TOTAL:        366         428

So in 2008, 42% of the total stream was recycled. In 2009, 46% of the total stream was recycled. Note that the recycled numbers don't even include tires, oil, batteries, yard waste and other items the transfer station handles.

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