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One of the at-your-driveway pickup services in Sutton is Waste Management. You put out your green trash bin, and they take it away for you. They also take away recyclables.

This service is a commercial service. The price is relatively comprable to the town transfer station price. They are a transport system - they bring their recycling to Casella, for processing through the Casella one-stream system.

I do not use Waste Management - I use their competitor, BFI. So I don't have any direct knowledge of Waste Management's services. However, I have called Waste Management and asked them to send their recycling information to me, so I can post it here for you to compare! I will post the details as soon as I get them.

Here are their details:

Waste Management
124 Hartwell Street
W. Boylston, MA 01583
(800) 545-4560

In 2008, Waste Management had 126 residential customers in Sutton. Those customers generated 189 tons of trash, and 37 tons of recyclables. So the residents averaged 1.5 tons of garbage a year each. The resulting recycling rate is 16%.

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