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Great Horned Owl - Birds in Sutton Massachusetts

Great Horned Owls are found almost everywhere in the United States, and are definitely found in Sutton. They come out at night which makes them hard to photograph :) However, you can hear them call!

Here is an owl calling that I recorded in my back yard. I apologize for the wind noise on the recording. He calls twice. Each time (and all the times I didn't record) his call would be:

Whoo WHOO who who WHOOO

The second WHOO would be higher than the rest, and the final WHOOO would be a middle tone.

Owl WAV File

Great horned owls eat ALL SMALL MAMMALS including cats and small dogs. If you have a cat or dog in Sutton, it's wise not to let it out at night. These birds have wingspans up to five feet long. They are large, strong birds.

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