Sutton Massachusetts

Bugs and Beetles in Sutton Massachusetts

Bugs and beetles are a wonderful part of our natural world. The ladybug merrily eats up aphids and other garden pests. The bumblebee is a gorgeous insect which moves gently from flower to flower, helping to pollinate them. Find ways to draw beneficial insects into your garden and lawn, and they will be your free, enthusiastic lawnscaping team!

I adore discovering Massachusetts bugs and figuring out what they are. All of these bugs and beetles were photographed in Sutton, Massachusetts. Please let me know if you have a bug or beetle found in Massachusetts that you'd like help identifying. I'll see what I can do! If you have a photo of one found in Sutton, I'd be happy to update my pages.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

Assassin Bug

Black Vine Weevil

Blister Beetle

Brown Lacewing


Bush Katydid

Carrion Beetle

Crane Fly

Crane Fly - Giant Eastern

European Paper Wasp


Giant Leopard Moth


House Fly

Hover Fly


Ladybug - Orange Spotted

Larder Beetle

Meadow Spittlebug

Mites, Velvet

Net Winged Beetle

Net Winged Beetle, Leptoceletes

Potter Wasp

Potter Wasp 2

Red Lily Leaf Beetle

Red Spider Mite

Robber Fly

Rough Stink Bug

Sap Feeding Beetle

Sawyer Beetle

Six Spotted Tiger Beetle

Soldier Beetle
Soldier Beetle

Spider Wasp

Squash borer
Squash Vine Borer

stilt bug
Stilt Bug

Stink Bug

tiger beetle
Tiger Beetle

tortoise beetle
Tortoise Beetle

western conifer seed bug
Western Conifer Seed Bug


Mystery Bug Photos - please help us identify them!

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