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Luna Moth

The Luna Moth - Actias luna - is HUGE. It's one of the largest moths found in North America. I'd say it was the size of my hand. It is a soft green color with brown along the tops of its shoulders and curved brown decorations. It has two dangly tail pieces.

Technically I saw this in Millbury, not Sutton :). We saw it at the TGI Friday's, attracted by the bright lights of the parking lot. It was enormous, flying around in circles. Then, suddenly, it plummetted to the ground to rest for a while. I ran over with my cameraphone to get these photos of it before it left again.

These are gorgeous. We get about two generations a year here in Massachusetts - one around April and then the next around June. This was a June generation. They only live in adult moth form for one week! That's it! So this poor moth had a brief but shining time in its flying form.

Luna Moth Massachusetts

Luna Moth Massachusetts

Let me know if you have any more photos of luna moths!

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