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Pickerel Frog - Frogs and Toads in Sutton Massachusetts

There are only five types of frogs found in all of Massachusetts. One of them is the Pickerel Frog, or Rana palustris. For some reason, while we've seen tons of bullfrogs and green frogs in our years in Sutton, we have only twice seen a pickerel frog, and both have been in the same location - near the old art shop. They are elusive little froggies!

Pickerel Frog

The pickerel frog looks much like a leopard frog, in that it has spots. However, while a leopard frog has round spots, a pickerel frog has squarish spots, as if chocolate chip cookies got too close to each other and turned into square shapes with just a little tan left in between. The spots themselves are chocolate brown.

Pickerel frogs eat all sorts of things, from ants to flies, from bugs to other little frogs. Their skin is toxic to other frogs, but it doesn't hurt humans.

They like to live in and near water.

Frogs and Toads in Sutton Massachusetts

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