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The Frog Prince

I realize this is about a frog, and not a tadpole, but it's such a staple in fairy tales that I felt it was worth mentioning. Beautiful princess finds a frog. She doesn't like the frog, but she gives in and kisses it. POOF it turns into a prince. Romantic, yes?

If you read the real Grimm fairy tale, you'll find it's not quite a sweet.

The princess was beautiful, vain, and spoiled. She loved playing with her golden ball. One day it fell into a well. A frog offered to bring it back to her if she allowed it to be her companion at meals and to sleep with her. She said yes, but even as she said it she was smirking at her lie. She would never actually follow through with such a thing!

The princess gets her ball back, but she promptly races off, leaving the frog behind.

A day later, she's eating her meal when the frog arrives. She slams the door in the frog's face. When her father, the King, asks what is going on, she tells her father how she promised the disgusting frog that he could be her companion. Her father is straightforward with her. She made a promise - she'd better keep it.

At every step of the process - going to the meal, going to the seat, the princess is stubborn and doesn't want to do it. She's a petulant child. The King has to force her to stand by her promise. He reminds her, "This frog helped you when you needed him. You shouldn't shun him now."

Finally they get to the bed and he wants to sleep next to her. She's disgusted by the thought of his slimy body in her nice, clean bed. She picks him up ... and then flings him at a wall!

And yet when the frog falls to the floor, he's now a handsome prince.

They fall asleep together, and in the morning she goes with him to his kingdom.

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Tadpole Care and FeedingTadpole Care and Feeding
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