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What Are Tadpoles?

Tadpoles look like fish. They act like fish! But if you are patient, suddenly they're hopping around on land and eating flies. Just what are tadpoles, and what makes them so special?

Tadpole Care Feeding and Raising - What do Tadpoles Eat and Need to Thrive? In essence, tadpoles are baby frogs. Where a human adult starts out as a human baby, looking about the same but much smaller, a frog adult starts out as a tadpole. It looks quite different - and its life is quite different, too. Where a frog breathes air and can spend time on land, a baby tadpole lives only in the water and breathes the water.

Frogs and tadpoles are amphibians. Generally, amphibians start out as breathing water through gills or their skin and, as they grow, change so they have lungs that can breathe air. Amphibians generally have a backbone and are similar to reptiles, but they're not quite the same. Where amphibians tend to need water for at least some of their growth stage, reptiles, like snakes, can live in quite dry areas.

Frogs and toads are amphibians, as are salamanders and newts.

Tadpoles are a common sight in many ponds and lakes, and have many different names. While in the US these baby frogs are called tadpoles, in the UK they're called pollywogs or porwigles. In Spanish they are renacuajo; in French they are tetard.

The tadpole stage is a temporary one. The baby frogs first start out as eggs, and when they hatch out of their eggs they're called tadpoles. They keep that name right up until they grow front and hind feet and lose their tails. At that point they become frogs.

It's sort of like a baby cow being called a calf, or a baby horse being called a colt. Of course, a calf or colt still looks pretty much like its parent. The baby tadpole looks quite different!

Tadpole Care Feeding and Raising - What do Tadpoles Eat and Need to Thrive?

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Tadpole Care and FeedingTadpole Care and Feeding
This step by step manual helps ensure that your little tadpoles grow up to be happy, healthy frogs. From choosing the tank to designing the menu, from checking the pH to adjusting the temperature, I'll ensure your cute, tiny balls of energy grow up into a joyful friend.

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