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Deer in Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton, Massachusetts is a very rural town, located in the south central part of Massachusetts. We have horse farms and cow farms here. It is no surprise that we have quite a lot of deer roaming around!

I have seen deer numerous times in Sutton. They hang out at the sides of the road, nibbling the short grass. Sometimes if they get spooked by a car they'll go bounding across the road without warning. You have to drive very carefully in Sutton, always aware of what is on the sides of the road. The number of deer killed by cars each year is really heartbreaking.

The type of deer we have in Sutton is the White-Tailed Deer. Because of overhunting in the 1800s there were only 1,000 of them left in the entire state in the year 1900!! Nowadays they figure Massachusetts has about 85,000 deer.

Deer are very cute but it is important NOT to feed deer. They then equate people with food, go towards cars on the roads and get hit. It's important for deer to not equate people with food. It's illegal for a person to care for a sick deer - be sure to contact the appropriate government organization for them to come and properly care for a sick or injured deer.

I have seen numerous deer in Sutton but I don't have any photos of white tailed deer that I've taken myself. Here is one available at If you have any photos of deer in Sutton, please let me know!

You do find deer poop - or scat - in the woods fairly frequently. Here is some I found.

Deer Poop

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