Sutton Massachusetts

Possum in Sutton Massachusetts

A Possum and an Opossum is the exact same thing in terms of the United States. We have one type of creature and we call it by both names. This creature is native to the US and was called "wapathemwa" by the native Americans. Somehow that became "Opossum" in English, which then got truncated by some to 'possum.

Possums are marsupials, meaning they carry their young in a pouch like a kangaroo does. The Possum is the only marsupial in the US.

I have occasionally seen live possums at the side of the road at night in Sutton, but can never get a photo of them. They stare into the headlights for a few moments and then scurry off. They are very shy and only seem to come out at night.

If you have any photos of possums in Sutton, please let me know!

This image is from and you can buy the print from them if you wish!

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