Sutton Massachusetts

Raccoon in Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton, Massachusetts is a very rural town, located in the south central part of Massachusetts. We have horse farms and cow farms here. It is no surprise that we have quite a lot of raccoon roaming around!

Some people think of raccoon as troublesome animals that knock over trash cans. They are simply hungry! Keep your trash cans tightly closed so that they aren't tempting to animals. That's true anywhere you live, with a wide range of animals visitors.

Raccoon are actually quite cute, in their fuzzy way! They are native to North America, and the name "Raccoon" is an Algonquin (Native American) one. They are a bit larger than a large cat. They are very smart and can even figure out how to open sliding-puzzle locks! They are primarily active at night.

I don't have any photos of raccoon that I've taken myself, but here is one available at

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