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Snakes in Sutton Massachusetts

Snakes are wonderful reptiles which help us keep the mice population in check. The vast majority of snakes in Sutton Massachusetts are quite harmless and perform good deeds every day around our gardens and homes. Take good care of your snakes!

There are fourteen types of snakes commonly found in Massachusetts. These are: Black Racer, Black Rat Snake, Brown Snake, Copperhead, Common Garter Snake, Eastern Hognose Snake, Eastern Ribbon Snake, Milk Snake, Northern Water Snake, Redbelly Snake, Ringneck Snake, Smooth Green Snake, Timber Rattlesnake, and the Worm Snake. Of these, I've only ever seen two of these snakes in Sutton.

Of all the snakes listed above, only the copperhead and the timber rattlesnake are dangerous. Both of these snakes are primarily found in western Massachusetts, and both are fairly obvious when you see them. The copperhead is a pit viper and has a large head, while the timber rattlesnake has a rattle on its tail. Please be kind to any snakes you find in Sutton - they are most likely quite harmless!

Garter Snake

Water Snake

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