Sutton Massachusetts

Spiders in Sutton Massachusetts

Spiders are wonderful creatures, full of beauty and talent. Spiders catch bugs for us. Spiders eat annoying flying gnats. We should all treasure and appreciate spiders. Many Native American cultures have wonderful stories about spiders and how they help nature. Massachusetts spiders are our friends :)

In biologic terms, spiders are of the order Araneae. They all have eight legs. There are over 40,000 different species of spiders. Finding any book that shows "all spiders" is literally impossible! That's why I'm trying to focus on one area - just the Massachusetts spiders I've found in Sutton. You have to catch them when you can - most spiders only live for 1-2 years.

Some of these spiders below are common spiders of Massachusetts. For example, we see orb weavers with their brilliant spiral webs all the time, and most school children would identify orb weaver webs as being spider webs. On the other hand, we've only seen the stripey ground crab spider once!

Broad Faced Sac Spider

Cobweb Anelosimus Spider

Cobweb Steatoda Spider

Common House Spider

Daddy Long Legs Spider

Daring Jumping Spider

Deer Tick / Blacklegged Tick

Dimorphic Jumping Spider

Dog Tick

Dwarf Spider

Eastern Parson Spider

Eris Spider

Filmy Dome Spider

Fishing Spider

Ghost Spider

Grass Spider

Ground Spider

Ground Crab Spider

Hacklemesh Weaver Callobius Spider

Hacklemesh Weaver Cora Spider

Hentzia Jumping Spider

Hammock Spider

Long Legged Sac Spider

Nursery Web Spider - Brevipes

Nursery Web Spider - Mira

Naphrys pulex jumping Spider

Orb Weaver Arabesque Spider

Orb Weaver Araneus Spider

Orb Weaver Crucifera Spider

Orb Weaver Furrow Spider

Pirate Spider

Running Crab Rufus Spider

Running Crab Thanatus Spider

Sac Spider

Scribbler Writer Spider

Sheetweb Platform Spider

Theridion Spider

Thiodina Jumping Spider

Wolf Spider

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