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Grass Spider / Agelenopsis

We've seen numerous grass spiders over the years. They are fairly large - about the size of a quarter - so they're easy to spot, and lots of fun to take photos of! Grass spiders in general have long, thin legs, are brown with darker spots, and have a slender body. Their thorax is vertically striped with light brown on the sides and darker brown on the top. Grass spiders can generally be told by having very long spinarettes - the pair of long thin things where a tail would be, which spin their web. They are quite docile and friendly.

Grass spiders are members of the Funnel Web family (Agelenidae) and the Grass Spider level is the genus (Agelenopsis). There are actually sub-groups of grass spiders but they all look alike and can apparently be told apart by looking at the spiders' genitals. We're not quite that interested. We're happy enough to know it is a grass spider.

Male and female grass spiders have their own unique looks and habits. Males are thinner and go exploring all over the place. Females are plumper and stay put by their webs. Click on one of the photos to learn more!

grass spider
Male Grass Spider
grass spider
Female Grass Spider
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