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Hacklemesh Weaver Callobius Spider

We first saw a hacklemesh weaver spider in March 2010, when a warm spell shot the temperature up to 60F for a few days. Suddenly we had seven or eight of these cute little dime-sized spiders roaming around our front door area. They liked to hide in dark spots - they would race over to get under the mat, or tuck themselves against the black strip at the base of the door.

We haven't seen any webs, but apparently hacklemesh weaver spiders create a funnel web. They are brown with lighter brown legs and a shiny main thorax part which is also brown. The back of their body has a lighter brown pattern on it with several segments, sort of a butterfly symmetrical look to it. There are large pairs of shapes near the center of the spider which become smaller as they go back towards the tail end.

Thanks to the brilliant people over at we soon learned that these were Hacklemesh Weaver spiders, which means they are part of the Amaurobiidae family. They believe it is part of the Callobius genus. Apparently it is hard to know what TYPE of Hacklemesh Weaver spider you have (i.e. what specific species) because they look almost identical at this level. We are happy just to know we have Hacklemesh weavers!

Be a little cautious when playing with these, apparently they have a bite like a bee sting.

I have gotten so many photos of Hacklemesh Callobius spiders now that I have broken them up into multiple pages. Start out by choosing male or female spiders, to get to all the photos!

Hacklemesh Weaver Spider
Female Hacklemesh Callobius Spider Photos

Hacklemesh Weaver Spider
Male Hacklemesh Callobius Spider Photos

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