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Jumping Spiders in Sutton Massachusetts

There are over 40,000 different species of spiders. Sometimes the easiest way to sort through spider listings is by a general type of category. All spiders fall into the Araneae order, with eight legs. Beneath that, though, are several families. One of these families is the Salticidae. These are the jumping spiders.

Jumping spiders have very big eyes, to help them see where to leap. They also tend to have roundish bodies with strong legs, so they can leap on their prey and capture them. Jumping spiders can make webs, but they aren't the kinds of spiders that make big, Charlotte's Web types of webs. Instead, they tend to roam around, looking for things to catch.

We have almost never seen a jumping spider inside the house. They are always out on the back porch, seeking out little flies to eat. All of these jumping spiders were photographed in Sutton Massachusetts.

Daring Jumping Spider

Dimorphic Jumping Spider

Eris Spider

Hentzia Jumping Spider

Naphrys pulex jumping Spider

Thiodina Jumping Spider

Conquering Your Fear of Spiders
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