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Orb Weaver Spiders in Sutton Massachusetts

There are over 40,000 different species of spiders. Sometimes the easiest way to sort through spider listings is by a general type of category. All spiders fall into the Araneae order, with eight legs. Beneath that, though, are several families. One of these families is the Araneidae. These are the Orb Weaver spiders.

Orb Weaver spiders are the "classic" spiders - the ones which make big, spiral webs like in Charlotte's Web. They sit at the middle of their beautiful creation, peacefully waiting for food to come to them. Orb weavers are very shy. If you scare one they're likely to play dead, not moving, even letting you turn them upside down. Only when they feel it is safe will they move back into action.

Orb weavers often have beautiful markings on their backs. They are harmless and peaceful.

Here are orb weavers we have seen in Sutton.

Arabesque Orb Weaver Spider

Araneus Orb Weaver Spider

Crucifera Orb Weaver Spider

Furrow Orb Weaver Spider

Conquering Your Fear of Spiders
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