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Wolf Spider

Spiders are all part of the Araneae order of animals, and all spiders have 8 legs. Beneath the Araneae order are several families. One of these main families is the Wolf Spider family, or Lycosidae. This comes from the Greek word for wolf.

Just like wolves, these spiders tend to roam around and seek out their prey. They mostly don't make webs (with a few exceptions). People have incorrectly blamed wolf spiders for nasty bites in the past. Research now shows that wolf spider bites are NOT dangerous. Yes, if you really annoy one, he might give you a little bite, like a small bee sting would hurt. But nothing worse than that.

This poor wolf spider only has six legs, probably due to injury! We found it on the side of our house in April 2010. We only got one photo of it before it tried to run away and fell off the house. He was about the size of a half dollar coin.

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Wolf Spider

This looks a lot like a Grass Spider. While grass spiders have long skinny legs and a narrow skinny tail end, wolf spiders are more compact and have a rounder tail end.

Conquering Your Fear of Spiders
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