Sutton Massachusetts

Blackstone Valley Mysteries

The Blackstone Valley Mysteries are set in southern central Massachusetts - along the Blackstone River as it heads from Worcester toward Providence. This region encompasses Millbury, Sutton, Northbridge, Whitinsville, and several other towns. They are a connected series of novelettes which form one complete story from start to finish.

Rumble Strip mystery Rumble Strip - Book 1
Tricia Forney was exhausted. She'd put in a long night working at the Boston Law Library. All she wanted to do was get home, trudge up the snowy hill to her front door, feed the tiger barbs, and get some sleep. If she could just drive the few remaining miles ...

Her eyes faded closed ...



What was that??

old school mystery Old School - Book 2
Tricia's bulldog nature of doing whatever it took to solve puzzles had gotten her into hot water before. But nothing like this. She and Jack were facing down the barrel of a gun, in a deserted cemetery, and the man holding the weapon didn't seem like he was in the mood to talk.

It would take all their courage to make it out of this alive.

snake head mystery Snake Head - Book 3
Tricia thought the cemetery had been bad enough. But here they were, at the end of a gun barrel again, and it looked as if the night was only getting darker.

wormtown mystery Wormtown - Book 4
Tricia was following the clues, wherever they led. And with Jack by her side, she might just survive to see the light.

special providence mystery Special Providence - Book 3
It had all come down to this. To something Tricia never saw coming.

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Blackstone Valley Mysteries

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