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Snake Head

Snake Head mystery Tricia thought the cemetery had been bad enough. But here they were, at the end of a gun barrel again, and it looked as if the night was only getting darker.

* * *

Snake Head is the third novelette in the Blackstone Valley Mystery series. It is 89 pages / 12,000 words long. Each story in this series ends in a cliff-hanger, building up to the grand finale. You can choose to read the stories one-at-a-time or buy the finished book and read them in one fell swoop. I write these series in sections so my readers can chime in with suggestions and ideas along the way. Also, since I'm working on many series at once, it means readers can move forward without having to wait for the entire series to be complete to even begin.

The stories are suitable for teens and up with no explicit adult language or situations. They are set in the beautiful Blackstone Valley region of central Massachusetts, carved out by the Blackstone River.

A portion of my proceeds from this series benefits local battered women's shelters.

I have lived in this region for over two decades. I adore the landscapes and beauty. I'm always open to feedback - drop me a line and share your thoughts!

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Book four in this series is Wormtown

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