Dump Sticker Woes

Dump Sticker Woes

Dump Sticker Woes

I just came back from the Sutton Massachusetts Town Hall and am a bit peeved. Apparently a few Sutton residents were buying two dump stickers for their household, giving the second sticker to another household, and abusing the system.

As a result, the town Selectmen voted to require A STICKER FOR EVERY CAR to the tune of $230/year.

Most homes in Sutton have two cars (at least) and use them both actively.

Why didn’t they just fine the offenders? It costs $100 for a digital camera or even less for a webcam. Just take license plate photos of each car entering (it’s not like the place is swarming with cars), and bill violators $500 each time. That would get the town extra money to pay for all sorts of things, if it really IS an issue. If it is NOT an issue, they are antagonizing all of the residents for … what?

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