Sutton Dump Sticker $230 per car

Sutton Dump Sticker $230 per car

Sutton Dump Sticker $230 per car

While Sutton is now charging $230 PER CAR to drive your own trash out to the transfer station, BFI will come TO YOUR HOUSE for only $22/month and pick up your trash and recycling there, without any hassle.

I went to the town meeting back when we voted on turning the dump into a transfer station. I supported the town. But now that they’ve decided to do this each-car-full-price nonsense without even asking or telling residents about it, without any warning whatsoever, I am not able to support them in good conscience.

Now of course, what’s the chance of getting my money refunded on my unused dump sticker I just bought? Slim to none, I suppose …

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