Events Listing for Sutton

Events Listing for Sutton

Events Listing for Sutton

We just had a town meeting today – and out of over 9,000 residents, only about 150 showed up! I am terrified of public speaking, but I got up to point this out. They claimed they’d told people about the meeting. Where did they think they had done this?

I was at the post office earlier today. No visible notice. Main sign at the 146 intersection – EMPTY. Sign out front of the Early Learning Center, where the meeting was held – NOTHING. Other towns send out flyers, put up banners, make sure the meeting topics are known. We got LESS THAN 2% – and they said this was a “great turnout”!! No wonder, with their lack of promotion!

I know *several* people wrote me via this site to say that my site posting was the only reason they knew this was going on. And all of this when at stake is a $4.5 million dollar purchase, while we can’t pay to keep our library open!

I’ve now created an events listing on this site – Sutton Events Listing. I’m also setting up a newsletter, to mail out event news. If the town isn’t willing to tell people when incredibly important events are taking place, maybe it’s time someone did.

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