Sutton Recycling Rate is Abysmally Low

Sutton Recycling Rate is Abysmally Low

Sutton Recycling Rate is Abysmally Low

The Boston Globe says Sutton’s recycling rate is an AWFUL low of only 14%!! We’re one of the lowest rates in the STATE. Why are Sutton residents not recycling?? If you don’t recycle, write me to let me know why! Does your trash system not support it? Is it too much trouble?

Response to "Sutton Recycling Rate is Abysmally Low"

  • That’s unfortunate. I always thought of New England states as being very well organized in the recycling department and quite environmentally-oriented.

  • On one hand, yes we are very well organized with recycling options. Every pick-up-at-home service offers recycling as part of their service. The town transfer station has a series of recycling bins right there before you get to the trash area.

    People who use the transfer station are incented to recycle – that is, they pay per trash bag so it saves them money to recycle everything they can and not pay for more bags. So *their* recycling rate is about 50%. However, all the people who use at-home-pickup have *no* incentive to recycle. They pay a flat rate whether they sort out the recycling items or not. So apparently most of them just toss everything into the trash, and that group of people are dragging down the entire town’s rates.

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