Did Fattman Win?

Archives : November 2nd, 2010

Did Fattman Win?

Odd – Boston.com still doesn’t have Sutton or Millville numbers posted, but the Worcester Telegram says Fattman won and Callahan conceded?

Fattman / Callahan race

Bellingham just chimed in on the Fattman / Callahan race – Fatman still ahead, now 7037 to 6547. Still no word from Sutton or Millville!

Update in the Fattman / Callahan race

Update in the Fattman / Callahan race – Uxbridge and Blackstone are in, and so far Fattman has the lead. No word from Sutton yet!

Sutton Election History

While we wait for election results, review how Sutton voted in 2008 on similar ballot issues! Sutton Election History

Election Day!

It’s Election Day! Polls are open until 8pm and there are tight races in Massachusetts – make sure you get out there and vote!