Election Results are In

Archives : November 3rd, 2010

Election Results are In

Finally! The results are in! Fattman and Moore are the winners in Sutton! Full results: 2010 Election Results

No Final Results on Elections in Sutton

Giving up waiting – I’m exhausted. They simply won’t post final results for the state rep / senate races for Sutton. I have no idea why not. Here’s where we

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3:30am Sutton Webster Milford still no data

3:30am Sutton Webster Milford still no data. Both the state rep & senate races are tight. Surely we’ll get results soon? Did they forget us?

3am – Still No Sutton Voting Results

OK this has become silly. 3am, only a few towns remain blank, and Sutton is one of them. Did we have a problem submitting our ballot info?

Still Waiting for Sutton’s Results

2am has come and gone. 97% of Mass is reported in. Sutton is still waiting to hear how our vote went. Surely they should know by now …

Sutton Still Waiting for Results

It’s after 1am, 96% of Mass has reported in – and Sutton is *still* not being reported. We are one of the only towns left unreported!