No Final Results on Elections in Sutton

No Final Results on Elections in Sutton

No Final Results on Elections in Sutton

Giving up waiting – I’m exhausted. They simply won’t post final results for the state rep / senate races for Sutton. I have no idea why not.

Here’s where we stand.

For the battle for state representative for the 18th Worcester District, it was between Democratic incumbent Jennifer Callahan and Republican newcomer Ryan Fattman. As of right now – 4am – is reporting these numbers:

City or town Precinctsreporting Jennifer Callahan (Dem) Ryan Fattman (GOP)
Bellingham 5 of 5 3,019 3,303
Blackstone 3 of 3 1,613 1,638
Millville 0 of 1 0 0
Sutton 0 of 2 0 0
Uxbridge 3 of 3 1,915 2,096
Total 11 of 14 6,547 7,037

So even though Millville *does* have data in for the main governor’s race, and that updated over an hour ago, they still do NOT have data in for this tight and important race. The Telegram reported that Callahan conceded already – but based on this data it looks like they are only 500 votes apart. If we don’t officially know Sutton’s figures – and we have 6,743 registered voters in 2010 – I don’t see how this could have been called.

It’s much the same issue with the Moore race for state senator. Richard Moore the incumbent Democrat is running against Kimberly Roy, Republican.  Right now the figures for that race are:

City or town Precinctsreporting Richard Moore (Dem) Kimberly Roy (GOP)
Bellingham 5 of 5 3,097 2,934
Blackstone 3 of 3 1,767 1,406
Douglas 2 of 2 1,449 1,753
Dudley 4 of 4 1,827 1,799
Hopedale 1 of 1 1,393 1,076
Mendon 1 of 1 1,246 1,177
Milford 0 of 7 0 0
Millville 1 of 1 601 500
Northbridge 4 of 4 2,635 2,681
Oxford 4 of 4 2,302 2,341
Southbridge 5 of 5 2,629 1,573
Sutton 0 of 3 0 0
Uxbridge 4 of 4 2,787 2,491
Webster 0 of 5 0 0
Total 34 of 49 21,733 19,731

So again neither race is called, and both races have enough votes outstanding that they are close. The Moore race has barely 2,000 votes separating them.

The site has 98% of all towns in. Only a few towns remain “blank”. How could it just happen to be these four key towns in these two races? Was there something about these entries which was not quite right and needed to be manually investigated?

I admit it’s also a little frustrating that here in Sutton we came out to vote in droves, we waited in long lines, and now they’re announcing all the other winners for candidates and ballots and we are still not even counted yet. There’s not even a sense that they’re making an effort to find out the results of these races. There’s no note on the results pages saying “Bear with us, we’re having challenges reading the marks” or something like that. The town of Sutton just remains an emtpy hole on their voting map.

That above image is from the 4am Governor’s voting map, red was for Republican, blue for Democrat. You can see the holes where we are not being counted.

So in any case, I’m going off to bed feeling disappointed. I waited all this time to know the results for our town of Sutton, and whoever is doing the counting still does not have those results for us, even though pretty much the rest of the US is now complete.

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