School Bus on Rte 146

School Bus on Rte 146

School Bus on Rte 146

Schoolbus #25 on the side of the road – 146N Sutton by the Bank of America – had to be towed. This caused a backup all the way to Atlas Box 4:15pm. I couldn’t tell if it was a Sutton school bus or not.

I was in the backup while they were towing it. When I finally got up to the spot the school bus had been in it *looked* like it had gone into the snowbank. There was a big dent in the snowbank.

However, in checking in at the Sutton PD the unofficial word was that there was no accident, that the bus driver had just pulled over and they went to help with traffic.

In any case it sounds like no kids were on the bus, nobody was hurt, and no other cars were involved, which is a good thing!

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