Netpune’s Car

Netpune’s Car

Netpune’s Car

Netpune’s Car was live in Worcester today on the common! And in a moment they’ll be doing a live interview on WICN!!

 This was a perfect example of staying positive leads to amazing things. I aimed to wake up at 11am – I need to rotate my schedule to wake up by 7:30am on Saturday. I ended up sleeping until 3. Still, I stayed upbeat and went out to do my yoga. It seemed too sunny out, but I persevered, moved the table umbrella and made myself a shady spot. It was perfect – Juliet sprawled with me and the phoebe chicks chimed in above my head. But now I was running late for my 5:30pm opening reception for my two photos at the Worcester City Hall. Bob was sweet and said he’d drive me in so I didn’t have to find parking. I got to the meeting place (another gallery) at 6pm and nobody was there from our group – but I was undeterred. I enjoyed the items there, including two amazing black-and-white drawings by a local artist. Then I walked across to the City Hall gallery. The group was there – and began leaving! They were done for the day and were all heading home. I could have been disappointed, but I decided to enjoy the gallery on my own. As I was there, Bruce showed up, then Judy, and soon we had eight of us enjoying the show. It was great. Then my phone died, so I couldn’t call Bob. So I kept an eye on my watch and at 6:55 said my good-byes. I was going to meet Bob at 7pm on the street as our fail-safe. As I’m heading out through the City Hall garage I hear one of my favorite songs from local band Neptune’s Car . My first instinct – to pull out my camera to record the music, to show Neptune’s Car how their music is being piped in to the city garage. As I do, I realize the music is coming from ALL AROUND ME. I yell in delight and go racing up the ramp of the garage to the common area – and THERE THEY ARE!! LIVE!!! I’m now in seventh heaven. I keep looking over to the street to watch for Bob while I enjoy the amazing music. I finally see Bob doing his loop and race over to him, ask him to park, and race back to the music. Neptune’s Car even does two encores so I can enjoy more of them. And we get to chat afterwards. Then Bob drives me home – and now I’m on the back porch listening to WICN on my laptop waiting for the Neptune’s Car live interview to come on in about 15 minutes. I’ll be recording it. And while I’m listening to the streaming folk music with Irish whistles, a pair of cardinals come over to the birch tree next to me and listen in! Just a lovely, lovely day. And in so many places I could have given up or been unhappy.


… 9:20pm update – Neptune’s Car is going to be live on WICN in a few minutes! Tune in now to get ready. You can do it online!

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